Adrian Henri and Andy Roberts
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The band were ahead of their time, wonderfully weaving together music, poetry and satirical humour.

Liverpool Scene were absolutely brilliant live and were one of the busiest bands in the country and a huge favourite of college audiences. The band broke up in 1970.

The Liverpool Scene re-formed around 1974 with Dave Richards on bass and Mike Kellie on drums and played a short tour of the UK.

link Andy's Solo Career

Article from UNCUT magazine

Christmas photo of the Liverpool Scene in 1969






the INCREDIBLE new liverpool scene

the INCREDIBLE new liverpool scene
  • Side One
Knees Down Mother Brown
I say, I say, I say
For You, Everything's Gonna Be All Right
My Johnny Joined The Army
Lets Do It While We're Waiting
Poem For National L.S.D. Week
Let Me Die A Young Man's Death
The New 'Our Times'
Adrian Henri's Talking After Christmas Blues
Don't Worry, Everything's Going To Be All Right
Classroom Blues
  • Side Two
Tonight At Noon
Love Is (see video below)
In The Midnight Hour
The Day Before Yesterday
Mother, There's A Strange Man Waiting At The Door
Mother, The Wardrobe Is Full Of Infantrymen
At Lunchtime, The Story Of Love
Mrs Albion, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
Car Crash Blues
Adrian Henri's Last Will And Testament
Andy Roberts
Adrian Henri
Roger McGough
Hal Shaper